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Our offense is your defense

We are Defenders by nature experienced in the most critical infrastructures on this planet – Our battle proven solutions enable your security teams to pro-actively address cyber attacks.

Cyber Resilience

We support your security teams with our managed services to build out a pro-active Cyber Security strategy and strengthen your organization’s Cyber Resilience. Our services are based on the latest methods to identify, to characterize and to prioritize risk factors in your digital infrastructure.

Our Services

Threat Reconnaissance

Cyber Risk Analysis

Risk Based Vulnerabitity Assessment

Threat Detection & Hunting

Cyber Security Training

Incident Response Retainer

Darkdefense Cyber Resilience Platform

Our service portfolio is delivered through the collaborative Darkdefense Cyber Resilience Platform. The Architecture and the capabilities of the platform are based on advanced technologies and years of experience in Threat Hunting and Incident Response projects.

Our customers have the Choice:
  • The platform is operated by Darkdefense and hosted in a German data center
  • The platform is hosted on premise and operated by Darkdefense
  • Support of Darkdefense to set up and operate the platform on premise

Based on the Darkdefense platform we offer two service categories:
Advisory Services: one-time assessment, that take two to four weeks.
Managed Services: Continuous and widely automated monitoring of the customer environment around the clock.

About us

Darkdefense is an innovative startup from Germany, with combined 100 years of experience in defending critical infrastructure environments. We offer consulting, solutions and managed services for organizations of all sizes to improve their cyber resilience. We strongly believe in integrity, trust and openness. Our services are based on the latest cutting edge technologies and methods in order to identify, characterize and prioritize risk factors in your digital infrastructure. In collaboration with your security teams, we support you to protect your organization against cyber threats and to improve your cyber resilience.

Customer benefits

  • Automated Red Teaming: Economical attractive and effective assessment of your Cyber Security posture
  • Technical Security Control validation: As mandated by authorities – BSI200-1, KRITIS B3S standards and more
  • Management Reporting: Comprehensive and easy to understand representation and rating of your cyber risks
  • Due Diligence / M&A: Examining the Cyber Security posture and associated risk of a merger, acquisition or investment target
  • Increased protection against ransomware: Save simulation of “what if” scenarios in your infrastructure considering actual ransomware campaigns
  • Analysis in correspondence with the MITRE ATT&CK catalogues: Simulation of attack scenarios and reference to remediation reports

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We are experts for cyber security with vast experience in defending critical infrastructures worldwide. Our proven solutions empower your security teams to encounter pro actively today's cyber attacks. +49 721 669 985 07