Adversarial Simulation & Red Teaming

Cybercriminal groups and advanced adversaries utilize advanced tools, techniques and capabilities to launch and execute effective cyber-attacks against your organization. Its not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when your organization gets attacked. At Darkdefense we set the Adversaries into the spotlight and give your organization a clear understanding of all possible attack path to your critical assets.

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Get Proactive!

We understand that regulatory compliancy and real-world security is not the same thing – Our automated Attack Simulation Platform, powered by XM Cyber, provides prioritized remediation advice to protect your business-critical assets while leveraging the latest TTPs fueled with the knowledge of Top Experts of the Intelligence Community. We identify all types of exposures an attacker can exploit while setting – vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, mismanaged credentials and risky user activities furthermore all possible attack path specific to your environment into context.

What’s in for you

  • Adversarial focused risk reporting for your board
  • Continuous and safe Security Capability Analysis across your hybrid network
  • Security Control Validation – get the best ROI out of your security Investment
  • Ransomware preparedness through our What if Service
  • Cost effective and fast, prioritized risk mitigation
  • Due Diligence / M&A

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We are experts for cyber security with vast experience in defending critical infrastructures worldwide. Our proven solutions empower your security teams to encounter pro actively today's cyber attacks. +49 721 669 985 07