Cyber Security Training

Individual training within the context of your organization.

Threat Hunting Training

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In this course you will learn about the methods and techniques of today’s cyber-attacks. Special focus will be around discovering and mitigating these attacks. In combining the cyber kill-chain methodology with threat hunting techniques we will show you how to interrupt on-going attacks. Furthermore, the course will cover fundamentals of incident response including terminology and core concepts used during the remediation process.

Network Forensic Training

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This course will cover in depth Network Forensic Techniques and how they are used in pre- and post-breach situations. You will learn how to use network based monitoring and forensic analysis for incident response investigations, for continuous monitoring to identify Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) or Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and to obtain real-time situational awareness.

Cyber Security Architecture Training

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This course is designed for participants who want to enhance their organization’s security posture and Cyber Resilience. We will cover in-depth the various critical security controls and how to build a layered architecture of these controls to increase the security posture and reduce the overall cyber-risk. Special focus will be on proactive aspects of today’s cyber security architectures.

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