Prepare for the Cyber Crisis

There is no chance to prevent completely cyber-attacks to your organization, but you can do many things to reduce the associated risks. For a solid cyber resilience strategy your organization should not only use a proactive defense strategy, but also should take provisions for an emergency situation. It is important to quickly resume operations after a cyber-attack and even so important to execute root cause analysis with forensic methods. In any case it is paramount to be able to act quickly and competent, to keep possible damage at a minimum.

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Incident Response Retainer

To react in an appropriate way to cyber breaches you need mature policies, guidelines and skilled personal. Because of the current shortage of trained people this is especially for small and medium sized organizations very challenging. With our “Cyber Incident Response Retainer” service together with our partner Deloitte, we offer a cost-effective approach remediate incidents. With this service you will have immediate support in the case of a cyber crisis, and you will be able to enhance continuously your security posture.

What’s in for you

  • Improve your cyber resilience
  • Short response time in emergency case
  • Access to experts around the clock

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