Everyone has a dark side

At Darkdefense we understand building out a security strategy is more than just deploying a technology. It requires the right security measures in the appropriate configurations, along with policies and user awareness and while the threat landscape is evolving.
One core challenge is that most Security Strategies are implemented reactive. Meaning Security controls are mostly used to detect known threats in order to respond appropriately -This reactive approach is very important, but it is not sufficient to protect against targeted attacks and should be supplemented by proactive measures.

Threat hunting is an approach that actively searches for signs of malicious and unknown activity in your digital infrastructure – One key element is to detect possible threats on your network without known signatures or other known IOCs (Indicators of Compromise).

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Play offense:

The objective of Darkdefense is to take a proactive stance in uncovering threats in your organization, understand where gaps have been exposed and already exploited by malicious actors, and address them. We are focusing on actively scouting for bad actors and malicious activity on your network , rather than waiting for an incident to happen. We use tools used in incident investigations, including its technology, intelligence, and professional expertise to hunt for threats in your network . It is a passive approach, creating full visibility into security issues within your organization without impacting the productivity of your workforce and operation. Our Advanced Threat Hunt service is an Incident Investigation without a known incident.

What’s in for you

  • Identifying attackers before they can accomplish their objectives
  • Validate your security architecture
  • Post-breach forensics

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We are experts for cyber security with vast experience in defending critical infrastructures worldwide. Our proven solutions empower your security teams to encounter pro actively today's cyber attacks.

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