Understanding the adversary’s perspective

Cyber-attacks are different in terms of goals, impact and of course degree of sophistication. Usually, targeted attacks are complex and executed in phases. The first stage starts always with reconnaissance, which is the process of gathering and analyzing information about the target’s infrastructure and potential weaknesses.

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It’s time to flip the coin and conduct reconnaissance on them:

Based on the understanding of the preparation activities and the perspective of the adversaries, organizations can pro-actively build targeted defense measures to reduce the risk of an anticipated cyber-attack and in general reduce the overall cyber-risk.

Get ahead of Attacks before they lunched against you:

With our Threat Reconnaissance service, we perform threat hunting outside of your digital infrastructure and help your organization to understand the adversaries you face to take proactive steps, to improve the overall security program, as well as meeting compliance requirements. Our Service uses one of the biggest Cyber Threat Intelligence Database, Open Source and commercially available Threat Intelligence Feeds, Dark Web Intelligence as well as regional and industry specific Information.

What’s in for you

  • Get valuable actionable information early stage of an attack
  • Get visibility about weaknesses of your Cyber Security Program
  • Strengthen your cyber resilience

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We are experts for cyber security with vast experience in defending critical infrastructures worldwide. Our proven solutions empower your security teams to encounter pro actively today's cyber attacks.

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